FNB would like to thank the 2015-16 Board of Directors: Richard Fralic, Dayna Sinclair, Susi Chamberlain, Maureen O’Hara, Marianne Janowicz, Sabina Marco, Carrie Totten, and Krista Kelter for their service and support over the past year.

The FNB Board of Directors are representatives of the members, the Board is elected to develop and oversee the implementation of policy necessary to safeguard and advance the interests and objectives of Fitness NB. A Board is a team whose success depends heavily on the commitment and performance of the individual members.

Committee participation:
FNB encourages members to be part of any of our committees. If you would like to contribute your time and expertise please contact the FNB Executive Director for information.

FNB Board of Directors 2016 – 2017

Dayna Sinclair (Fredericton, NB) – President Contact Dayna
Dayna grew up in Fort McMurray, AB. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University. She then moved back to Fort McMurray to work for the local YMCA as the Adult Fitness Director. Since then she has worked for the Canadian Back Institute, Primary Care Network and Keyano College in Fort McMurray and the City of Calgary, Only Women’s Fitness, Gold’s Gym and Eau Claire YMCA in Calgary. She moved to Fredericton in 2008 so that her maritimer husband would be closer to the ocean and her kids would grow up in a more laid back environment. Since 2011, Dayna has worked for the YMCA of Fredericton as the Health and Wellness Director. She has been a member of CSEP since 1995 and AFLCA/FNB since 1996. She has been a YMCA/AFLCA Trainer since 1996 and loves teaching new fitness instructors become group fitness leaders or personal trainers. Dayna currently holds her CSEP-CEP, YMCA/FNB Trainer certification, and FNB certifications in Choreography, Older Adult, Step, and Resistance Training Leader. Dayna is a busy mom of 3 kids who are all involved in sports.

Susi Chamberlain (Fredericton, NB) – Treasurer Contact Susi
Susi is a part time Group Fitness Instructor at St. Thomas University and has always believed in being physically active. She enjoys doing anything outdoors; skiing, kayaking, biking, snowshoeing….
Over the years Susi has coached Soccer and YMCA Basketball at the Elementary level.
Susi is employed at the Research & Productivity Council as a Safety Coordinator.

Krista Kelter (Saint John, NB) – Director Contact Krista
Krista started her wellness journey 7 years ago when she decided to lace up her sneakers and go for a run.  After running for a few years, she tried some classes at a gym down the street.  She fell in love with the class, became a CanFit Pro certified group fitness leader and taught classes 2 – 3 days a week. Krista enjoyed teaching and wanted to learn more and stay connecter with other fitness professionals so she took the FNB Fitness Theory, and continued on to become an FNB certified leader in Resistance Training and Indoor Cycling.
Krista’s life changed because of that run she took 7 years ago and she believes that others can change their lives too and all it takes is meeting the right person.  It makes her feel happy knowing that she has helped people make changes.   “It is a great feeling to know that I have made a change in the lives of people and I am looking forward to being part of changing many more”.

Terry Leonard (McLeod Hill, NB) – Conference Committee Contact Terry
Terry is a part time group fitness instructor at one of the first and only employee fitness centres in Fredericton’s Provincial government offices. Over the past 30 years, she has lead lunch hour classes in step, strength/resistance, stability ball, cardio and circuit and has a passion for motivating workplace fitness and wellness with the Complex Fitness Club.  She has been a Fitness NB member since 1988 as well as a Certified Evaluator. Terry is employed with the Department of Energy and Resource Development as a Marketing Design Tech., has a physically active teenage daughter and lives in the Fredericton area. Any spare time is used for walking, cross country skiing and being a sports mom taxi!

Line Marr (Fredericton, NB) – Director Contact Line
Line has been active in the fitness industry for over 28 years. She is a Master Trainer for the AQX program (Aqua Fitness Leadership Program) and AQX AquaCycling program. Line is also a course conductor for AQX/FNB (Aqua Fitness) and FNB Indoor Cycling. Her certifications include AQX/FNB, FNB Indoor Cycling, Mad Dogg Athletics Level 2 (indoor cycling), C.O.R.E Cycling and Can Fit Pro (Canadian Fitness Professionals) PTS/FIS. Line has been educating instructors through courses and workshops in Canada and the United States.

Thandiwe (TJ) McCarthy (Fredericton, NB) – Director Contact TJ
TJ started his health journey later in life, randomly walking into the weight room at school only to fall in love with it, after that he joined the boxing gym in Fredericton and soon enough was having friends over in the basement punching pads, doing push-ups, and slamming medicine balls on the floor.  After completing 2 years at Holland College in PEI he received his NSCA-CPT and CSEP-CPT certifications.  TJ began working in a gym after college and after a year he decided to attend UNB to finish his degree in Kinesiology. He is currently pursuing his boxing coach certification.
In his hobby time he loves to write, take pictures/videos, and read textbooks. For when it’s time to sweat you can find him running the trails (completed mud hero Halifax), weight training, or playing tennis with friends. At the core of all his training and coaching is the belief that movements matter more than muscles. Foam rolling, stretching and proper warm ups are key to not only getting the most out of your physical activity but also to allow you to do more of what you love safely.

Sabina Marco (Fredericton, NB) Director Contact Sabina
Sabina has always been physically active. As a child she played soccer, basketball, volleyball, and loved to bike, skate and cross country ski. She first joined a gym when she was 16 and fell in love with group fitness classes. Anyplace she lived over the years she always joined a local gym and took classes. In 2001 after her youngest son was born, she decided to get her certification to lead her own class, and received her group fitness certification in 2002 through the YMCA.  She has since taken certifications in Stability Ball training, Older Adult classes, Foam roller training and Personal training. She then taught Step, Stability Ball and Strength training classes at the Florenceville Fitness Connection. When her three boys were little, she also volunteered in their schools getting the students “moving” on their lunch hour when they were stuck indoors and a cold day. She also did an after school program; she called it “Move & Shake” promoting fun physical fitness for kids. When she moved to Fredericton, she worked at the YMCA leading classes like Dusty Sneakers, Step, Circuit and Hi-Lo.  She then worked at UNB for 6 years leading Power Hour class, Step class, Boot Camp, and Happy Hearts. She currently leads Strength training and Boot Camp classes at St Thomas University where she has been for 6 years. Besides leading fitness classes, Sabina is an Optometric assistant at Spectrum Vision Clinic. In her spare time, she enjoys walking, swimming, kayaking, cross country skiing, skating and weight training.

Marianne Janowicz (Breadalbane, PE)Conference Committee Contact Marianne
Marianne began working towards her FNB certifications when she was employed in a building where there was a gym available for employee use. She realized that she had no idea how to use the equipment and that there was a right and a wrong way to do it. Since then she has been FNB certified in the Resistance Training (RTL) and the Portable Equipment (PEFL) specialties. Marianne leads classes at her local community center and focuses on improving and maintaining agility for her participants as well as strengthening muscles and teaching movements that help build and sustain muscle health while doing everyday tasks. Marianne is a landscape painter, an avid cross country skier and gardener.

Shelley Swift (Fredericton, NB) – Professional Development Committee Contact Shelley
Shelley Swift is an FNB certified instructor and course conductor and has been CSEP-CPT certified since 2002. Over the last 18 years Shelley has lead fitness classes, developed fitness programs, trained fitness leaders and created and planed fitness conferences and wellness events. She Has worked with various organizations promoting her passion for wellness and fitness leadership and currently works with Wellness New Brunswick as a project coordinator, and continues teach fitness classes for seniors in the Fredericton area.
Shelley is an active member, volunteer and ‘coach’ in training with the Fredericton Rowing Club.  One thing she loves about the sport of rowing is that it is an age friendly sport, “you see active members in clubs and participating in regattas well into their 70’s and older.”
Her interests keep her involved in her community as she continues to promote fitness and wellness throughout her career and volunteer work.Shelley served on the FNB board from 2001-2003 and looks forward to her time on the board once again. Shelley is a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist, and proud owner of Gentle Pace Transitions.

Carrie Totten (Saint John, NB) – Director Contact Carrie
Carrie’s passion for health and fitness led her to becoming an FNB certified personal trainer and Portable Equipment group fitness instructor. She strongly believes in the necessity for an active lifestyle that includes a balance of all the fitness components. Over the years it has given Carrie great satisfaction to pass along her knowledge and enthusiasm with the highest standard of service, safety and professionalism to those wanting to adopt a lifestyle of physical and mental well-being. She aspires to continuing to broaden her understanding of the importance of a healthy existence.Carrie trains clients and teaches classes at the Afterburn Performance Center and the Saint John Aquatic Centre. She also volunteers at the Saint John YMCA.

Jamie Shanks Provincial Consultant – Sport and Recreation Branch, Tourism, Heritage and Culture
Contact Jamie