FNB would like to thank the 2020-21 Board of Directors: Maureen O’Hara, Shelley Swift, Marianne Janowicz, Chad Dunn, John Hebert, Terry Leonard, Gloria Reidpath and, Shelley Kadatz for their service and support over the past year.

Board of Directors 2021-2022

Maureen O’Hara: President 2019-22
Shelley Swift: Treasurer 2020-22
John Hebert: 2020-22
Shelley Kadatz: 2020-22
Terry Leonard: 2020-22
Chad Dunn: 2021-2023
Gloria Reidpath: 2021-23
Mimi Lodoen: 2021-23

Maureen O’Hara (President)
Maureen O’Hara (President)
Maureen has worked as a Wellness Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer, and Group Fitness Leader with a large corporation for the past 7 years. This is a corporate sponsored initiative that provides its employees with facilities and resources to encourage a healthier lifestyle both in and out of the workplace. As a wellness coach, Maureen has had the opportunity to work with individuals and groups of employees and executives to help them set their wellness goals and continue to partner with them as they work to achieve these goals. In an effort to grow her wellness offerings, Maureen has undertaken professional coaching training with IPEC and has achieved the designations of CPC & ELI-MP. These certifications allow Maureen to offer a wide range of proven, effective coaching tools to her clients. Maureen formed her own company “Priorities in Focus” in 2010 and believes that “it is important to establish our own selves as priorities in our lives and to take care of our own health and wellness in mind, body and spirit”. She is a mother of four who enjoys sharing her wellness journey with others and is active in her community as a volunteer, coach and fundraiser as required.

Email: priorities_in_focus@hotmail.com

Shelley Swift (Treasurer)
Shelley Swift (Treasurer)
Shelley Swift is an FNB certified instructor and course conductor and has been CSEP-CPT certified since 2002. Over the last 18 years Shelley has lead fitness classes, developed fitness programs, trained fitness leaders and created and planed fitness conferences and wellness events. She Has worked with various organizations promoting her passion for wellness and fitness leadership and currently works with Wellness New Brunswick as a project coordinator, and continues teach fitness classes for seniors in the Fredericton area.
Shelley is an active member, volunteer and ‘coach’ in training with the Fredericton Rowing Club. One thing she loves about the sport of rowing is that it is an age friendly sport, “you see active members in clubs and participating in regattas well into their 70’s and older.”
Her interests keep her involved in her community as she continues to promote fitness and wellness throughout her career and volunteer work. Shelley served on the FNB board from 2001-2003 and looks forward to her time on the board once again. Shelley is a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist, and proud owner of Gentle Pace Transitions.

Email: shelleyjswift63@gmail.com

John Hebert (Director)
John Hebert (Director)
John recently retired from Bell Canada after a 33 year career and is using his newly found free time to volunteer with various organizations and to spend more time instructing at the gym. John has been a part time fitness instructor at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre for the past 20 years. During that time, he has instructed both land and aqua classes and recently has added older adult and specialty classes such as aqua arthritics to the classes he leads. John’s mantra is that fitness is as important to ones mental health as it is to their physical health.

Email: johnh@nbnet.nb.ca

Mimi Lodoen (Director)
Mimi Lodoen (Director)
Mimi comes to us from out West and has been instructing group fitness for over 30 years in all specialties of land and aqua. She holds a diploma in Recreation from SIAST – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Mimi is also a seasoned Course Conductor and has been a mentor to hundred of instructors over her career.

Email: lodoenm@gmail.com

Terry Leonard (Director)
Terry Leonard (Director)
Terry is a part time group fitness instructor at one of the first and only employee fitness centres in Fredericton’s Provincial government offices. Over the past 30 years, she has lead lunch hour classes in step, strength/resistance, stability ball, cardio and circuit and has a passion for motivating workplace fitness and wellness with the Complex Fitness Club. She has been a Fitness NB member since 1988 as well as a Certified Evaluator. Terry is employed with the Department of Energy and Resource Development as a Marketing Design Tech., has a physically active teenage daughter and lives in the Fredericton area. Any spare time is used for walking, cross country skiing and being a sports mom taxi!

Email: terry.leonard@gnb.ca

Chad Dun (Director)
Chad Dun (Director)
Chad has been a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT) with Fitness NB for over 15 years. He specializes in one-on-one, small group training, sports specific performance and outdoor bootcamps.
He is a previous business owner of a thriving gym and is currently working as a Lifestyle Coach for nutrition and exercise with Simply for Life.
Chad is a busy father of 2 amazing children, a family dog and is a partner in a supportive relationship.
Growing up Chad was actively involved with soccer, baseball, running, Tough Mudder events and strength training.

Email: chaddunnpft@gmail.com

Shelley Kadatz (Director)
Shelley Kadatz (Director)
Shelley’s interest in fitness began at a young age with team sports and help from encouraging gym class teachers, but set aside her interests for a time to be a travel coordinator and a mother. Recovering from injuries related to childbirth was a challenging task and required Shelley to pursue wellness through several avenues. When the civic centre in her area offered a Resistance Training Leader course, Shelley took this opportunity as the next step in her fitness journey.
For the past four years, Shelley has been involved with a seniors wellness program as an assistant fitness leader and a program assistant. Shelley is an FNB certified Personal Trainer, Older Adult Fitness Leader, an Ageless Grace instructor, Zoomers Instructor and has her Precision Nutrition – Level 1 certification. She is also currently leading exercise classes in and around her community.

E-mail: shelley.kadatz@gmail.com

Gloria Reidpath (Director)
Gloria Reidpath (Director)
Gloria Reidpath, a long-term resident of Rexton, recognized the importance of physical activity at a young age. With a family history of diabetes and heart disease, she has made being active a priority and part of her daily routine. Her commitment to her well-being motivated her to train for and run a marathon in 2005 with Team Diabetes, truly cementing her path for overall fitness.

Gloria’s dedication to physical wellness has inspired her give back to her community by sharing her passion for health. As a Certified Cycling Instructor and Certified Older Adult Fitness Leader, she shares her enthusiasm in every class through positive energy, encouragement, and song. She loves to work with both beginners and seasoned members, the young and young-at-heart alike, and her caring disposition will be apparent in each class.

E-mail: g.reidpath@reidpath.ca

Jamie Shanks (Provincial Consultant)
Jamie Shanks (Provincial Consultant)

Sport and Recreation Branch, Tourism, Heritage and Culture

E-mail: Jamie.Shanks@gnb.ca


The FNB Board of Directors are representatives of the members, the Board is elected to develop and oversee the implementation of policy necessary to safeguard and advance the interests and objectives of Fitness NB. A Board is a team whose success depends heavily on the commitment and performance of the individual members.

FNB is calling for nominations to fill 5 positions on our Board of Directors.

Successful candidates will serve a two year term and during that time will have the opportunity to represent their community within an organization that is dedicated to the development and promotion of health and wellness in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Anyone interested in nominating themselves or another individual please review the information below and submit your application to the office prior to the AGM.  Nominations from the floor will also be considered.