Board of Director Board Cover and Index
1. 13001B Reimbursment of expenses for meetings
2. 13002B FNB Membership Fee
3. 13003B Resignations Board

Certification Certification Index
1. 94001C (Lapsed Certifications)
2. 94002C (Transferablility of Certifications)
3. 94003C (Cerification Requirements)
4. 96001C (Recertification Requirements)
5. 97002C (Practical Evaluations)
6. 97003C (Evaluation Tools)
8. 98002C (Lifecol-sm- of CECs for Recertification)
11. 20003C (Extension Requests)
12. 20004C (Electronic Practical Evaluation)
15. 22001C (PFT Certification Requirements)
16. 22002C (PFT Certifcation Transfer)
18. 22005C (Basic Fitness Theory Expiry)
19. 24001C (Incomplete Renewal Packages)
20. 25001C Under Reveiw (Request to Waive Practical Evaluation)
23. 14001C Under Review (CECs for Leaders)
24. 14002C (Temporary leave of absence)

Exam Exam Cover Page
1. 97001E Certification Exam Re-writes
2. 97002E Examination Challenges revsed
3. 23001E Personal Fitness Trainer Examination

 Membership and Certification Administration Membership and Certification Admin Cover Page
1. 96002A (Payment of Membership Fees)
2. 97002A (CEC Workshop Application Fee)
3, 98002A (Dissemination of Policies to Members)
4. 98003A (Course Conductor Manual Distribution)
5. 20001A (FNB Membership Fees)
6. 23001A (Course and Summit Cancellation Fee – Revised)
7. 25001A (Job Posting Advertizement)
8. 26001A (Payment of Shipping and Handling Charges)
9. 13001A 2013 (Course Fees)
10. 13002A (Evaluation and Examination fees)
11. 13003A 2014 (Violation of the FNB Code of Conduct)

Office Administration Office Admin Cover Page
1. 97004O (Employee Holidays)
2. 98001O (FNB Executive Director Search)
3. 20004O (Bereavement Leave)
4. 20005O (Office Staff Vacation)
5. 20006O (Office Staff Sick Leave)
6. 21101O (Spending Cap)
7. 28001O (Standardizing Member Communications)
8. 13001O (Cheque Signing Authority)
9. 14001O (Christmas and New Years Office Closure)
10. 14002O (Employee Overtime)
11. 14003O (Returned Cheques)

Summit Annual Summit Cover page and Index
1. 13001S CECs for Summit Organizers
2. 13002S CECs BOD Summit volunteers
3. 13003S BOD at Summit Role and Remunertion
4. 13004S Summit volunteer Discounted fee
5. 13005S Summit Cancellation Fee