If you would like to volunteer for a Fitness NB Committee or the Board of Directors, please contact: Executive Director Marilynn Georgas | Phone: (506) 453-1094 | Toll Free: 1-888-790-1411 | Fax: (506) 453-1099 | E-mail: executivedirector@fitnessnb.ca

Professional Development Committee

The purpose of the Professional Development Committee is to make policy recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding certification strategy for the development of new certifications and changes to existing certifications. At the direction of the Board, the Professional Development Committee will also evaluate current certification programs, and make the necessary recommendations so that programs represent current information and maintain high standards as suggested by Fitness NB. The committee will promote and support the active living concept in the development and evaluation of all certification programs.

  • Goal 1: To provide professional development opportunities in both languages province wide.
  • Goal 2: To maintain, update and create certification programs in both languages.
  • Goal 3: To expand our network for professional development/professional resources.

Marketing and Communications Committee

The purpose of the Marketing and Communications Committee is to increase the Council’s profile among health and fitness professionals in New Brunswick and nationally by developing a strategy that will guide all marketing and communication related activities in the future. Raised awareness should lead to increased membership as well as partnerships with other organizations.

  • Goal 1: To increase public awareness and provide education in the areas of fitness and active living.
  • Goal 2: To nurture partnerships with associations/organizations with similar goals.

Conference Committee

The purpose of the Conference Committee is to research and bring forward updated fitness information. By providing an opportunity for continued education to all its members, the Conference Committee will offer, through its conference, an avenue for excellence and a forum for exchange of ideas in varied fitness fields.

  • Goal 1: To offer up-to-date fitness information through its conference.
  • Goal 2: To offer opportunity to collect CECs for all certifications offered.