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Membership Notices:


On-line teaching and training: 
The FNB Group Fitness Leader insurance includes onsite and online coverage from HUB.
There are guidelines laid out by HUB for teaching/training on-line . Please review these guidelines and follow the instructions to ensure your insurance is valid.

Personal Fitness Trainers (PFT) are responsible for purchasing their own insurance coverage.
FNB does not currently have access to a group insurance plan for our certified PFTs.  Personal Training Insurance coverage is available through HUB International Insurance Brokers and can be purchased online at www.hubtos.com/fitness.  If you offer on-line services, there is an additional fee, which is rated according to your purchased coverage package.

For all of your training/classes make sure that you:

  • Have all of your participants complete an evidenced based health screening questionnaire such as the Par Q+.
  • Have all of your participants complete a waiver and consent form.
  • Take accurate attendance and keep this information available for participant tracking purposes if requested.
  • Follow the Provincial guidelines for Covid-19 which includes taking all of the necessary safety precautions and screening for diseases.

Please see the FNB Home Page for continued COVID 19 updates.

Your certification information section which gives you the documentation you require to renew your certification will be brought up to date when we gain access to our office.

Included in this profile are:

  • the status of your membership
  • the status and expiry of your liability insurance, CPR and, Standard First Aid (if applicable)
  • your specific certification specialties, their status and the due date of your practical evaluation(s)
  • your number of Continuing Education Credits required, the due date for submission, how many are on file, how many you need to submit for renewal and how many that can be transferred to your next reporting term.

Please review the content and contact Nathalie at the FNB office if you believe there are any errors or omissions.

FNB Certified Leader/Personal Trainer Public Profile Registry:
FNB has a public directory on the Website for any FNB Certified Fitness Leaders/Personal Trainers to display their credentials and fitness profile.
This registry is for the purpose of distributing information to individuals seeking exercise professionals in NB and PEI.
Unless otherwise directed when you renew each year FNB will activate your public profile by entering your FNB certifications, email address, city and province.

This is a great opportunity to promote your classes and/or business in your community.


Please use the 2021-22 membership cards on your welcome back renewal letter for discounts at businesses indicated in the membership discount program.

Articles for CECs:

More articles are coming soon! Please stay tuned.

Employment Opportunities

Fredericton YMCA Personal Trainers required


As always we will be happy to help you promote your classes, courses, workshops and business on Facebook and in our website.

Please contact our office to post your information.
Ph: (506) 453-1094 or Email membershipservices@fitnessnb.ca


Be part of your FNB Board of Directors


As a Fitness Instructor music plays a very important role in the success of your class. What is your responsibility regarding the freedom to play any music you want?

  • If you are your own employee you are responsible for purchasing the license to play music for your classes.
  • If you are employed by a gym, recreation or fitness facility it is their responsibility to purchase the license that will allow you to play music for your classes.
  • See More:

What music can you legally use if you have a license?

  • All music you purchase can be used if you or your employer has purchased the appropriate license.
  • Music you purchase from iTunes and companies such as Power Music have paid a license fee to create music for fitness use. This is different and separate from the fee that is paid for the right to use the music in a fitness related class. You or your employer still have to pay the license fees.


What is SOCAN?
What is RE:SOUND?
What are the Differences?
Tariff 19 Information card for fitness music.
Why and how to obtain your license.
License to Play for your business.

Visit the SOCAN website or Contact Tim Hardy at 1-902-464-0223