Step One: Exercise Theory (Formerly Fitness Theory)

  • Become a Fitness NB member.
  • Registration and full attendance at the ET course. Course Schedule
  • Successful completion of the ET written Exam (80% or higher)
  • Or Challenge the ET exam.
  • Please Note: If you are unable to pick up your manual at the FNB office we can ship it to you for a $15.00 fee.

Step Two: Specialty Course

  • Successful completion of Exercise Theory for all FNB Specialty Courses.
  • RTL certification is required for Personal Fitness Trainer Course.
  • Current Fitness NB membership.
  • Registration and full attendance at the specialty course of your choice.
  • Successful completion of the written specialty exam (80% or higher.)
  • Please Note: If you are unable to pick up your manual at the FNB office we can ship it to you for a $15.00 fee.

Step Three: Apprentice & Mentoring

  • Prior to stage four it is highly recommended that prospective leaders complete a minimum 8 hours of practical experience with an approved FNB Mentor. This may include a combination of one on one with the mentor and actual on floor classroom teaching. This process will help you to gain the experience and confidence to successfully complete your practical evaluation.

Step Four: Evaluation

  • Current Fitness NB membership.
  • Successful practical evaluation (80% or higher) in your specialty within 6 months of the completion of your specialty course.
  • Please note: There is an additional cost for all specialty evaluations – details will be explained upon successful completion of the specialty course.  Please feel free to contact the office for current fees.

Step Five: Certification

  • Successful completion of stages 1-4.
  • Current CPR Level A or C certificate renewed annually for each specialty.
  • Personal Fitness Trainers CPR Level C renewed annually and current Standard First Aid certificate.
  • Payment of annual Fitness NB group liability insurance fees.

Please note: Personal Fitness Trainers are required to purchase additional liability insurance to cover their scope of practice.

Class 1 coverage with HUB TOS