As a Fitness NB and National Fitness Leadership Alliance registered fitness leader, you are automatically eligible to receive $2 million in Commercial General Liability insurance coverage through HUB International TOS Limited at the low cost of $30.00 per fiscal year. This insurance program ensures that you have adequate 3rd Party bodily injury or property damage caused by your work as a Fitness NB Fitness Leader coverage as long as you work as a group fitness leader within your Scope of Practice in your designated specialty of certification such as Choreography, Portable Equipment, Step, AquaFitness, Indoor Cycling, Yoga Fitness, Older Adult Fitness and Resistance Training. The policy also provides a $1,000 limit per person for medical expenses; these include immediate expenses such as the cost of an ambulance or immediate care of an injury. The package complements existing coverage provided by some facilities and/or additional personal liability insurance you may secure. Be aware that this coverage does not insure you, yourself, if you are injured while leading a fitness program. Also this coverage does not extend to any classes you may conduct out of your home, out of a rented space that is considered your personal studio (Note: renting a space to run a group fitness class is considered your personal studio), or outside of Canada.  In these cases you will require a separate insurance policy that is attainable by application through HUB TOS or your own personal insurance company.   Application for HUB Studio Package
Your commercial general liability insurance is valid up to March 31st of the current fiscal year.  If your registration expires for any reason, you are no longer covered under the NFLA (Fitness NB) insurance program. If you apply for an extension, you will not be insured for the period between your registration expiration date and renewal date.

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Download your NFLA 2020 Group Fitness Leader New Brunswick Confirmation of Insurance

Personal Fitness Trainers (PFT) must purchase additional insurance coverage above and beyond the basic yearly commercial general liability insurance fee.

 Purchasing Class 1 coverage with HUB TOS

  • This will take you to the page: Fitness Professionals Insurance
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click the Buy Now button
  • Choose CLASS 1:
  • Registered Personal Trainers certified by provincial associations that are members
    of the NFLA, specifically AFLCA, BCRPA, FNB, IFC, MFC, NSFA, OFC, SPRA
  • NOTE: Basic fitness leaders that are members of BCRPA, FNB, MFC and NSFA already have
    automatic coverage.
  • Choose your coverage cost option.
  • Fill in the profile.
  • Note: Your current FNB membership number is your certification #.

To find out more about the Fitness NB / NFLA insurance program contact:

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HUB International Insurance Brokers
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