Memberships are due on or prior to April 1 of each year.
Watch for your renewal notice coming in January/February  of each year.
To avoid any disruption in services please renew as a soon as possible by contacting Nathalie
at the FNB office.

MY PROFILEThis page is under construction and will be updated soon.  We thank you for your patience while we improve this service for you.
This section displays your FNB documentation required to maintain your certification and is updated from the FNB office.

Included in this profile is:

  • The status of your membership
  • The status and expiry of your liability insurance, CPR and, Standard First Aid (if applicable)
  • Your specific certification specialties, their status and the due date of your practical evaluation(s)
  • Your number of Continuing Education Credits required, the due date for submission, how many are on file, how many you need to submit for renewal and how many that can be transferred to your next reporting term.

Please review the content and contact Nathalie at the FNB office if you believe there are any errors or omissions.

FNB CERTIFIED LEADER/PERSONAL TRAINER PUBLIC PROFILE:  This page is under construction and will be updated soon.
We thank you for your patience while we improve this service for you.

This is a directory on the Website for any FNB Certified Fitness Leaders/Personal Trainers to display their credentials and fitness profile. The purpose is to distribute information to individuals seeking exercise professionals in NB and PEI.

The page is labeled Public Profile on your login drop down menu.

Unless otherwise directed when you renew each year FNB will activate your public profile by entering your FNB certifications, city and province.
For your safety and security your email address will not be posted. There will be a contact button for people to message you.

This is a great opportunity to promote your classes, the facility you work from and/or your business.

If you have not accessed this page and/or included more information on your public profile you can do so at any time.

NOTE: Members not renewed by July 1 will be deleted from this site.

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