Membership Benefits

FNB Fitness Leader Certification Courses: Registration in FNB certification program courses.

  • Access to FNB Apprentice and Mentor Listing Opportunities to work with an FNB approved experienced and qualified Group Fitness Leaders (GFL) who will help new leaders prepare for their initial practical evaluation for certification (some costs may apply).
  • Enhanced Professional Status & Listing on the FNB provincial registry of certified fitness professionals: With individual member approval, profiles and business information will be available to the public via our website which will enhance your professional status in the fitness industry and your community.

Group Fitness Leader Liability Insurance
At a low cost of $30.00 per year, all Fitness NB certified leaders are included in a commercial general $2,000,000 professional liability insurance plan while acting within their Scope of Practice.

This cost is a certification requirement and is additional to the FNB membership fee. As a general liability insurance this coverage includes all insured members as a group rather than each individual being covered by $2,000,000.00. Please feel free to contact the office for clarification.

Please note: For the PFT designation this group plan covers the RTL portion of the PFT scope of practice. Additional insurance is required to cover the remainder of the PFT professional liability insurance.

Members only news and Website postings: Access to news items  dedicated to the fitness professional in New Brunswick providing up-to-date information relevant to your Fitness NB/CSEP certifications including but not limited to upcoming professional development, job opportunities and fitness related articles for CEC/PDC credits.

Free Advertising: Members are able to submit, workshops and job postings for members only and public viewing.

Enjoy Customer Discounts at:

The Fitness NB Customer Discount Program (CDP) provides members with access to quality fitness and wellness products at discounted rates. When purchasing merchandise from participating CDP companies, please be ready to provide your Fitness NB Membership Card Number and Expiry Date. Please note: participation in the Customer Discount Program is not an endorsement of the company or its products by Fitness NB.