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Pre-requisite: Exercise Theory

Resistance training appeals to a wide range of participants interested in overall conditioning. The intent of this weekend course is to train leaders in the basic principles of resistance training. Please note: This specialty course is not intended to certify an individual as a Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT). Additional training is required.

RTL Practical Evaluation:

All FNB Certifications require a practical evaluation following the successful completion of the course work.  In some cases an RTL candidate may have prior knowledge and experience in the specialty content.  If this is the case a practical evaluation may be completed during the course weekend outside of the course hours for a cost of $60.00.  This must be booked and confirmed prior to the course through the FNB office to ensure proper time and space is available.

Course Content includes:

  • Anatomy, Movement Mechanics and Physiology Review
  • Basic Principles of Training and Current Trends
  • Exercises for Upper Body, Lower Body and Core
  • Exercises for Flexibility
  • Learning about Equipment and Proper Use
  • Principles of Cardiovasular Conditioning & Use of Equipment
  • Safety and Fundamentals in the Weight Room
  • Legality Considerations

Course Materials: Electronic notes in PDF format are included in the course fee to accompany the course content.
Exercise execution links are included in these notes.  A recommended companion book (not mandatory) can purchased for your own reference.  “Strength Training Anatomy” Third Edition Frédéric Delavier.  Available a Chapters or online through Human Kinetics/Amazon.

FNB 2017 Fall Course Schedule

RTL – Scope of Practice

The Fitness NB Resistance Training Leader is certified to:

  • Lead a safe and effective weight room monitoring and equipment orientation including all cardiovascular and resistance training applications
  • Incorporate the use of appropriate exercise equipment based on specialized training and the identified needs of the participants.
  • Incorporate a safe group exercise class utilizing resistance training applications
  • Lead exercise groups that are based on NFLA performance standards and guidelines.
  • Lead participants that provide a healthy self-report through the use of the current PAR-Q or Par-Q+ who have received medical clearance to participate in a general physical activity program.
  • Deliver nutrition information based on Canada’s Food Guide.
  • Lead participants that are apparently healthy.

The certifications of Fitness NB are nationally recognized and transferable across Canada.
In some cases additional evaluations may apply.