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At Fitness New Brunswick, we strive to maintain the highest level of standards and competency with regard to the certifications that we offer. Fitness New Brunswick certifications offer credentials as a qualified fitness leader and recognition for an educated, well-trained group of individuals striving to establish a high quality of service.


Fitness NB is recognized as the not-for-profit Provincial Certifying Agency for active living leaders in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Our Certifications have been accepted as an unbiased means of gauging expertise, qualifications and abilities for those individuals instructing group fitness classes.

FNB is a member of the National Fitness Leadership Alliance of Canada (NFLA) is a partnership of not-for-profit organizations dedicated to the advancement of exercise accreditation and leadership. NFLA Canada is dedicated to the promotion of active living for all Canadians. They do this by providing a variety of community-based services, education, accreditation and an unbiased transparent and standardized registration program to exercise professionals.

The NFLA performance standards and the Scopes of Practice are the “core” of the Fitness NB certification programs. These guidelines ensure credentials and recognition within a group of educated, well-trained individuals striving to establish a high quality of service. The Scope of Practice describes the procedures, actions, and processes that our exercise leaders are permitted to undertake in keeping with the NFLA guidelines. Failure to adhere to the Scope of Practice as outlined nullifies the exercise leaders and personal trainers liability insurance

  • A Fitness NB certification elevates your credibility and marketability as an active living leader.
  • FNB training provides standardization and consistency of leadership which reduces liability risk for you and your employer.
  • The FNB programs are provincially recognized and sanctioned fitness leadership certifications.
  • Many provincial facilities require Fitness NB certifications as one of their hiring requirements.
  • A Fitness NB certification is transferable to any provincial/territory NFLA partner in Canada.
  • Fitness NB promotes professionalism, public awareness and recognition of safe and effective practices for fitness leaders.
  • The consumer is reassured that minimal national performance standards (NFLA) have been met.
  • Your FNB certification and membership includes a group liability insurance that is recognized across Canada.
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