The Certifications We Offer

Fitness New Brunswick offers a host of certifications to cater for fitness professionals looking to advance their education and career. With both online and in person learning, we have your educational needs covered.

Exercise Theory

Learn the basic principles of human anatomy and physiology all on an easy to use online platform.

Personal Training

The Personal Training Certification educates fitness professionals using an individualized approach.

Kettlebell Essentials

This comprehensive 1-day course will teach fitness professionals the fundamentals of kettlebell training.

Group Fitness Leader

Learn how to teach in a group environment & learn the fundamental principles of group training.

Older Adult Fitness Leader

This course will educate fitness leaders to work with seniors who have been given the “green light” by their physicians

Indoor Cycling Leader

Get certified in the group fitness industry’s most respected and progressive disciplines with the FNB Indoor Cycling Certification

Program Design

This course provides Personal & Group Fitness Trainers the knowledge & understanding in how to safely assess clients.

Affiliate Courses

Earn approved Continued Education Credits by taking online or in person certifications through our Fitness New Brunswick affiliate organizations.

Experience You Can Trust

Educating fitness professionals in your community for the past

Maintaining Certifications

As part of the ongoing certification process, Fitness New Brunswick (FNB) requires all leaders maintain their certification through Continued Education Credits (CECs). This ensures that fitness professionals remain up to date on current trends, in addition to providing continuous learning and development as coaches. 20 CECs for Personal Trainers and 12 CECs for Group Fitness Leaders bi-annually.

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