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Barbell Basics Online Workshop

Have you wanted to learn the basics of how to use a barbell or want a refresher on the essentials and safety of spotting with a barbell? Then this is the workshop to attend!

In this live online workshop, participants will be guided on how to properly perform the essential techniques, body positioning and grips to maximize your performance in the squat, bench press and deadlift. You will learn spotting techniques, injury prevention, and the importance of proper warm-ups and cool-downs.

Work the Function! Corrective Exercises to Rebalance the Body

Register for this online workshop on Saturday, March 23rd,

Participants will come away with exercises that will help themselves and their clients with muscle imbalances in the body to improve posture and joint dysfunction.

You don't want to miss out on this workshop!

Intro to Barre

Register for our upcoming Intro to Barre Workshop on April 20th

Experience and understand the Barre methodology. Barre fuses the best of ballet, Pilates, yoga, aerobics and strength training. No need to worry about dance experience.

This session will include modifications for any fitness level. Your participants will feel successful while achieving an amazing workout that lenthens, strengthens and tones their body!

Intro to AQX Leadership Training Workshop

Register for our upcoming
Intro to AQX Leadership Training Workshop on April 27th.
This FNB-AQX workshop is an introduction to AQX world of Aqua Fitness Leadership and certification. It offers an active, friendly learning environment for those who are interested in becoming certified aqua fitness instructors. You will experience a master class in chest deep and deep water, and take home a full-length sample class outline. You will learn best practices in aqua fitness, and why you should use the FNB-AQX pathway to achieve those goals!

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